Q: How can I stay up to date on your business?

A: You can follow our business on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, links to those accounts can be found in the bottom left corner of the webpage.

Q: Do you ship to boat addresses?

A: Yes, please see our Care-Package Program for more details.

Q: I can't undo my Grunden's belt, how'd you get your sheath on one?

A: Located on the Vickie Vest product page is an infographic breaking it down. Cut the fold open at the seam and then slide the belt through the buckle. Undoing the belt, you can tell that even with the fold cut, the belt weaves through the buckle enough times that the fold is not necessary. This may void some sort of warranty, but we don't care, it's an elastic belt. 

Q: Can I get the [Insert Product Here] in a different color?

A: Unfortunately if you don't see it in the launch, it's not available. As we continue to create, we will continue to change up the colors and designs. Follow us on social media to stay on top of designs and products. Who knows? We may even open up polls for you to vote on special runs and designs so stay tuned!

Q: Do you have sizes larger than XXL?

A: Contact us at

Q: I ordered a week ago and haven't received my products let alone a tracking number, what's going on?

A. Please see our ATTN: Orders & Fulfillment page

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We currently do not have the scale to ship internationally. If you'll be in the bay this summer we could arrange some products to be brought up, either way drop us a line at and we'll work with you to find a solution.

Q: I don't want to preorder but I want to buy products in Naknek this summer, what's your plan smarty-pants?

A: With our schedule's so tight, and baggage weight/space being a thing, we will only be bringing a few products with us. While we will have a card reader with us, we will also accept cash and trades for beer and cheeseburgers at The Pit or zah from D&D.

Q: I heard Kydex gives you cancer, are these safe?

A: Yes the sheaths are safe, no Kydex is not carcinogenic, but Kydex does off-gas hydrogen chloride at higher temperatures (>425F). So please don't smoke our sheaths. 

Q:How are you doing this from Arizona?

A:Miracles of modern technology I reckon.

Q: You say you're veteran owned?

A: Yes, SouthLine is the brainchild of a nasty, hooved, crayon-eating devil dog who gets his help from a manicured, well-groomed, avionics-technician fly-boy.

Q: What boat will you be on this season?

A: F/V Kaela Ann, if you see us, give us your best whip crackin' YAH!

Q: What is the Official Neckwear of SouthLine Industries?

A: Bolo ties.